10 Games to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Next Birthday Party!

10 Games To Keep Kids Entertained At Your Next Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a time to have fun with friends, family, and loved ones. It can be overwhelming trying to come up with activities that will keep the kids entertained during their special day.

So, don’t worry! Here are some fun game ideas that will ensure your next birthday party is full of laughter and smiles.

Freeze Dance

Play some music and have the guests dance until you stop it, then they must freeze in place like statues! Whoever moves first loses that round. This birthday game is great for teaching kids how to follow directions and also helps them learn about taking turns.

Freeze Dance
Freeze Dance

Hot Potato

Pass a potato (or any other object) around in a circle while music plays, when the music stops whoever has the potato is out! Keep playing until one person is left standing as the winner. This classic birthday game encourages social interaction between players as they take turns passing the potato around.


Have each player act out something without speaking or making noise while all other players try to guess what it is! This birthday party game is great for getting everyone involved and laughing together in a group setting.

Balloon Pop

Give each child a balloon and have them pop it on the count of three using only their hands- no feet allowed! The last one with an unpopped balloon wins the round! This fun party game helps teach coordination as well as patience since they must wait for everyone else to finish before they can move on to popping their own balloon.

Balloon Pop
Balloon Pop

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items around your house or backyard and give each child a list of things to find within a certain amount of time- whoever finds all items first wins! This exciting birthday game encourages exploration as well as problem solving skills since they must think quickly in order to find all of the items on their list before anyone else does so they can be declared victorious!

Duck Duck Goose

All players sit down in a circle while one person walks around tapping each head saying “duck” until they tap someone’s head saying “goose”- then that person has to get up and chase after them in an attempt to tag them before they make it back around the circle into their spot again (if successful, then they become “it” again!) This classic game helps build teamwork by encouraging cooperation amongst players who must work together in order for everyone to win!

Musical Chairs

Set up chairs in a circle with one less chair than there are participants- then play music while everyone walks around the chairs; when you stop the music, each person must find a seat- whoever doesn’t get one is eliminated from that round until there are two people left who battle for the final seat!

Children Go Around Playing Musical Chairs Outside
Children Go Around Playing Musical Chairs Outside

Musical chairs teaches quick decision making skills as well as teaches kids how important cooperation can be when playing games with others (especially if there are multiple rounds!).

Simon Says

One player acts as “Simon” while all other players must follow their instructions- but only if preceded by “Simon says” otherwise those commands do not need to be followed (for example, if Simon says “jump up and down three times” but then just says “twirl around” without saying Simon says beforehand then no one needs to twirl). This unique birthday game teaches basic following instructions while also encouraging creativity since Simon can come up with whatever commands he/she wants at any given moment- making it fresh every single time you play!

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Hang up a poster of donkey without its tail somewhere easily reachable by all players; give each player one paper tail cutout with tape on its back which corresponds with where it should go on donkey when placed correctly- whoever gets closest wins that round! Pin The Tail On The Donkey promotes spatial awareness skills since players must figure out where exactly their tails should go on donkey without actually being able see where it ends up when placed properly due to having eyes covered during this part of game play (so no peeking!).

Pass The Parcel

Have everyone sit in circle whilst music plays; pass parcel clockwise stopping periodically; when stops, remove layer & player left holding parcel when music stops may keep layer removed & pass parcel onto next player until reaches final layer containing prize which winner keeps—this encourages patience & thinking ahead since need anticipate which direction parcel going & whether may be stopped soon meaning need prepare self accordingly so not caught off guard when happens thus ensuring remain eligible throughout duration of game play… Plus always fun unwrapping layers see what goodies inside!

Pass The Parcel
Pass The Parcel


With these ten fun birthday games you can rest assured that your little ones will have plenty of fun at your next birthday party – no matter what kind of theme you choose or who attends – these games will bring smiles all around guaranteed!. So don’t forget these ideas when planning your next shindig – your kids won’t regret it!. Have fun playing these awesome games at your upcoming celebration… Happy Birthday!!

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