Best 11 Balloon DIY Ideas for a 2 Year Old’s Birthday

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Balloon DIY ideas are perfect for a 2-year-old’s birthday bash. They’re cheap, easy to set up, and can provide loads of fun for the birthday boy and his guests. Plus, it’s a great way to get creative and develop fine motor skills in young kids. Here are some ideas:

Best Balloon DIY Ideas

As well as being fun, balloon DIY ideas are also a great way to encourage creativity and fine motor skills in young children. The process of creating balloon decorations and animals requires the use of both hands, which can help develop hand-eye coordination and other important skills.

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Balloon Arch

Create a Balloon Arch! Tie balloons to a string or ribbon and hang it over the entrance or cake table.

Alphabet balloons

Fill balloons with air, write letters on them with marker and have kids pop them while practicing the alphabet.

Balloon animals

Use long balloons to make animals shapes like dogs, cats, giraffes etc. You’ll need some basic instructions which you can find online. They make great decorations or gifts too!

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Balloon maze

Inflate several balloons and set up a maze for your little one to navigate. It’s a great activity for developing gross motor skills and coordination.

Balloon dart throwing

Set up a dartboard with inflated balloons so the kids can take turns throwing darts at them. It’s an awesome way to introduce target shooting in a safe way.

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Balloon sculptures

Use inflated balloons to make cool sculptures like flowers, stars and hearts. It’s a great way to help kids develop fine motor skills and creativity.

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Balloon tug-of-war

String Game! Divide the kids into two teams, place them on opposite ends of a long string, and put some inflated balloons in between. The teams have to pull the string towards them, trying to get as many balloons to their side.

Balloon treasure hunt

Hide some balloons around the party space and give the kids clues to find them. It’s a fun way to entertain kiddos and help them use their problem-solving skills.

Balloon stomping

Place some inflated balloons on the floor for kids to stomp on without popping them. It’ll get everyone moving and laughing!


Balloon piñata

Fill balloons with treats or prizes, attach them to a balloon piñata, then let kids take turns popping balloons with a bat or stick. A fun twist on the traditional piñata game!

Balloon catcher

catch balloons

Throw some inflated balloons in the air and have the kids try catching as many as they can before they hit the ground. Another active game that’ll make everyone laugh!

Other balloon DIY ideas

superheroes spiderman balloon


Overall, balloon DIY ideas make an awesome choice for a 2-year-old’s bday bash ’cause they’re cheap, easy to do, and provide hours of fun for everyone!

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